Running As Long As We Can is a fun, rigorous piece developed specifically for college students that puts dance in the frame of a live sporting event while documenting the life of a dancer through movement, interviews, and stories. Each college cast’s voices and stories are incorporated into the work giving the audience an unprecedented look into the life of a dancer as a new kind of sports hero that keeps moving against all odds. 

The residency consists of three intensive rehearsal days led by our rehearsal director Flannery Gregg along with Monica and Robbie Saenz de Viteri, our creative producing director who is a collaborator in this work and is responsible for conducting and editing the interviews into the piece. Over the three days we would set the movement on the students, and interview them about their experiences dancing to create a soundtrack that mixes their interviews with the music for your iteration of Running As Long As We Can.

james_wirth_photography_ssu_spring_dance_prod-041619-359 (1).jpg

Created by Monica Bill Barnes & Robbie Saenz de Viteri

Choreographed by Monica Bill Barnes, Written by Robbie Saenz de Viteri

Lighting Design by Jane Cox, Costume Design by Kelly Hanson

Rehearsal Direction by Flannery Gregg

This past year we have participated in residencies at University of California Santa Barbara, Hunter College, Sonoma State University, and University of Maryland College Park to develop Running As Long As We Can on a large group of students.  


If you’re interested in bringing Running As Long As We Can to your campus or would like more information contact: